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Summer Daytime: 12 hours
Winter Daytime: 10 hours

Sossusvlei, located within the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia, is a captivating filming location that offers stunning visuals and a unique atmosphere. This iconic destination is renowned for its towering red sand dunes, vast salt pans, and contrasting landscapes, making it a filmmaker's paradise.

Here are some filming possibilities at Sossusvlei:

Majestic Dunes

Sossusvlei is home to some of the tallest and most dramatic sand dunes in the world, including the famous Dune 45 and Big Daddy. These towering dunes provide a breathtaking backdrop for your production, with their vibrant hues and ever-changing patterns under the desert sun.

Desert Landscapes

The expansive desert landscapes surrounding Sossusvlei offer a sense of vastness and serenity. Capture the vastness of the Namib Desert and its arid beauty, showcasing the rugged terrain, dry riverbeds, and sparse vegetation.

Dead Vlei

Within Sossusvlei, you'll find the surreal and hauntingly beautiful Dead Vlei. This ancient clay pan dotted with skeletal camel thorn trees creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of towering dunes. The stark white pan, dark shadows, and twisted tree trunks provide a visually captivating setting for your production.

Sunrise & Sunset

The ever-changing light conditions at Sossusvlei present incredible opportunities for capturing breathtaking sunrise and sunset scenes. The golden hour casts a warm glow over the dunes, creating a magical ambiance that adds depth and beauty to your footage.

Wildlife & Flora

While Sossusvlei is known for its captivating landscapes, it is also home to unique desert-adapted wildlife and flora. From the iconic oryx and springbok to various bird species and desert plants, incorporating these elements into your production can add an extra layer of authenticity and natural beauty.

Aerial Perspectives

Consider capturing the mesmerizing beauty of Sossusvlei from the air. Aerial shots provide a different perspective, showcasing the vastness and intricate patterns of the dunes, salt pans, and surrounding landscapes.

Cultural Connections

Engage with the local communities in the area, such as the Nama and San people, and explore the cultural richness and traditions that add depth and authenticity to your storytelling.

With its stunning landscapes, unique natural features, and incredible light conditions, Sossusvlei offers endless filming possibilities. Whether you're shooting a feature film, documentary, commercial, or any other production, this remarkable location is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Please note that when planning your shoot at Sossusvlei, it is essential to adhere to the Namib-Naukluft National Park's filming regulations and guidelines to ensure the protection of this pristine environment and its delicate ecosystems.

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