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The Film and Video Fund, initiated by the Namibia Film Commission (NFC), plays a crucial role in the establishment and growth of the film industry in Namibia. The fund is designed to provide financial assistance to Namibian film producers, enabling them to develop, produce, and distribute captivating film, video, and television projects of Namibian origin.

The intention of the Namibian Film Commission's funding and support schemes is to foster the growth and development of the Namibian film industry by providing financial resources, incentives, and support to local filmmakers, production companies, and industry professionals. These funding and support schemes are designed to achieve the following objectives:

Fund Project Development

The NFC provides funding for project development, including scriptwriting and documentary development. This support enables filmmakers to refine their ideas, strengthen their storytelling, and enhance the quality of their projects.

Support Skills Development

The NFC offers support to practitioners for skills development in collaboration with accredited education providers. This includes training programs, workshops, and initiatives that enhance the technical and creative expertise of filmmakers, fostering professional growth and industry excellence.

Develop Sustainable Companies

The commission aims to develop sustainable production companies by providing support for a slate of projects. This approach ensures long-term viability by assisting companies in building a robust portfolio of projects and fostering stability and growth within the industry.

Foster Screen Culture

The NFC supports the development of a vibrant screen culture through audience development programs. These initiatives aim to engage and cultivate a diverse and enthusiastic audience for Namibian films, creating a supportive and appreciative local market for homegrown content.

Invest in Film Production

The NFC invests in the production of features, telemovies, dramas, soaps, animation, and short films. By providing financial resources, the commission enables the realization of these projects, supporting their production value and facilitating the growth of diverse content in Namibia's film industry.

Fund Time-Critical Material

The NFC offers funding for time-critical material, recognizing the importance of capturing and documenting urgent and significant stories that require immediate attention. This support ensures that important narratives and events can be captured and shared with audiences in a timely manner.

Encourage Marketing and Distribution

The commission encourages the marketing and distribution of Namibian film products by providing support for promotional activities, market attendance, and participation in festivals. This assistance enhances the visibility and exposure of Namibian filmmakers and their works on a national and international scale.

Funding Criteria

Funding programs cater to experienced or emerging practitioners, with a minimum requirement of two screen credits to qualify as an experienced filmmaker.

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Funding Opportunities

Financial assistance to Film producers to develop, produce and distribute Namibian content.

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Promoting filmmaking that showcases Namibian culture and landscapes

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