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Namibia, with its 14 regions including Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Kunene, Kavango East, Kavango West, Caprivi, Erongo, Otjozondojupa, Omaheke, Khomas, Hardap, and Karas, offers a diverse range of picturesque and captivating filming locations. From idyllic tropical settings to breathtaking desert landscapes, Namibia's filming locations are unparalleled in their beauty and uniqueness.

One of the most spectacular regions for filmmakers is the Namib Desert and its surrounding areas. With its sparsely populated areas, Namibia provides a sense of solitude and vastness that is perfect for film production. Just a short distance from major cities or towns, you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty. Renowned directors like George Miller, Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay, John Moore, and Alex Kurtzman have chosen Namibia as a backdrop for their feature films, recognizing the country's ability to transform Mother Nature into the leading actress of their productions.

Here are some brief descriptions of the filming locations available in Namibia:


Sossusvlei, located within the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia, is a captivating filming location that offers stunning visuals and a unique atmosphere. This iconic destination is renowned for its towering red sand dunes, vast salt pans, and contrasting landscapes, making it a filmmaker's paradise.

Majestic Dunes,Desert Landscapes, Dead Vlei, Sunrise and Sunset, Wildlife and Flora, Aerial Perspectives, Cultural Connections
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In 1908 when a railroad worker picked up a diamond, the German settler realized the area was rich in diamonds. The German government declared a large area as a restrictive location in order to exploit the diamond field. Due to the enormous wealth the diamond miners received, the residents  built  a village in the architectural style of a German town, complete with a hospital, school, ballroom, skittle-alley and even a casino. The town started to decline after World War I when the diamonds started to deplete, and by the 1930’s it was in full decline. Today this once rich town is taken over by the ruthless Namib Desert.

Deserted Architecture, Desert Sands, Natural Elements, Historical Significance, Contrast and Symbolism, Creative Lighting, Exploration of Themes
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Coastal Dunes

The Namib's Coastal Dunes present an extraordinary filming location that combines the allure of expansive dune fields with the convenience of nearby urban amenities. This 30km stretch of dunes offers a unique opportunity for studio filming, as it is conveniently located within a short drive from two major towns in Namibia, providing easy access to essential services and accommodations.

Convenient Access, National Park Setting, Scenic Drives and Off-Road Opportunities, Optimal Lighting Conditions, Versatility and Logistics
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Sandwich Harbour

Sandwich Harbour, a truly unique and captivating location, offers filmmakers an extraordinary opportunity where the majestic desert dunes meet the vast expanse of the ocean. It is one of the rare locations in the world where these two contrasting landscapes converge, creating a visually stunning backdrop for your production.

Capturing the Contrast, Challenging Terrain, Local Support and Services, Proximity to Walvis Bay, Untamed Wilderness
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Moon landscape

The Moon Landscape is a captivating location that takes you back in time, with its striking resemblance to the lunar surface. Formed over two million years ago through the erosion of a once-mighty mountain range by the Swakop River, this unique canyon offers filmmakers an otherworldly setting for their productions.

Proximity to Swakopmund, National Park Setting, Travel Terrain, Off-Road Driving, Capturing the Contrasts
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Rossing Mountain

Rossing Mountain, with its vast and stark appearance, has served as a captivating backdrop for numerous international feature films. Its remote and desolate aura creates a unique atmosphere, immersing viewers in a world where life seems distant and the vastness of nature takes center stage.

Proximity to Swakopmund, Travel Terrain, National Park Setting, Ideal Filming Time, Captivating Atmosphere
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