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Coastal Dunes

Summer Daytime: 12 hours
Winter Daytime: 8 hours

The Namib's Coastal Dunes present an extraordinary filming location that combines the allure of expansive dune fields with the convenience of nearby urban amenities. This 30km stretch of dunes offers a unique opportunity for studio filming, as it is conveniently located within a short drive from two major towns in Namibia, providing easy access to essential services and accommodations.

Here's what makes the Namib's Coastal Dunes a remarkable filming location:

Convenient Access

The Coastal Dune Belt is conveniently located just 5km away from Walvis Bay International Airport, ensuring easy transportation for your production crew and equipment. Additionally, it is only a 10 to 30-minute drive on gravel roads from two major towns, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. This proximity to urban centers provides convenient access to accommodations, service providers, and other amenities, making your production logistically smoother.

National Park Setting

The Coastal Dune Belt is nestled within a national park, falling under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. This designation ensures the preservation and protection of the dune environment, allowing filmmakers to capture its natural splendor while adhering to environmental regulations.

Scenic Drives & Off-Road

The journey from Swakopmund or Walvis Bay to the Coastal Dune Belt is a scenic drive of 10 to 40 minutes on gravel roads. This not only adds to the overall experience but also provides convenient access to the filming location. In certain areas, off-road driving is allowed, which further facilitates logistical ease and opens up more possibilities for capturing dynamic shots.

Optimal Lighting Conditions

The Coastal Dune Belt benefits from exceptional natural light, particularly during the afternoons. During this time, the interplay between light and shadow accentuates the contrasts of the dunes, creating visually striking scenes. This favorable lighting enhances the aesthetics of your production, allowing you to capture the unique beauty of the dune landscapes.

Versatility & Logistics

The Coastal Dune Belt offers versatile filming opportunities with its diverse range of dune formations and landscapes. Whether you envision capturing sweeping panoramic shots, intimate character-driven scenes, or action-packed sequences, this location provides a canvas for your creative vision. The presence of off-road driving options further facilitates logistical operations, enabling you to access different areas of the dunes for optimal shot selection.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Namib's Coastal Dunes, located just a short distance from major towns and the airport. Benefit from convenient access, optimal lighting conditions, and the ability to navigate the dunes for the perfect shot. Whether you're filming a feature film, a documentary, or a commercial project, the Coastal Dune Belt offers an extraordinary setting that combines logistical ease with natural splendor.

Please note that filming within the national park requires adherence to relevant regulations and permits issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Ensure compliance with all guidelines to preserve the integrity of this unique filming location.

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