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Sandwich Harbour

Summer Daytime: 12 hours
Winter Daytime: 6 hours

Sandwich Harbour, a truly unique and captivating location, offers filmmakers an extraordinary opportunity where the majestic desert dunes meet the vast expanse of the ocean. It is one of the rare locations in the world where these two contrasting landscapes converge, creating a visually stunning backdrop for your production.

Here are some key facts about filming at Sandwich Harbour:

Capturing the Contrast

To capture the mesmerizing contrast between the dunes and the ocean, the best times for filming are during the mornings and late afternoons. The interplay of light and shadow during these hours adds depth and drama to the breathtaking scenery, allowing you to create visually striking and immersive shots.

Challenging Terrain

Accessing Sandwich Harbour requires traversing heavy 4-wheel drive terrain, and the journey from Walvis Bay can take approximately 1.5 hours. It is essential to plan for reliable and experienced local drivers who possess in-depth knowledge of dune driving. Their expertise ensures the safety and smooth transportation of your crew and cast to and from the filming site.

Local Support & Services

While Sandwich Harbour may be a remote and rugged location, local caterers are well-equipped to provide catering services in this rural setting. Their experience in catering for film productions in challenging environments ensures that your crew is well-fed and energized during filming. Additionally, local support services are available to assist with any logistical needs that may arise during your time at Sandwich Harbour.

Proximity to Walvis Bay

Sandwich Harbour is located approximately 45km south of Walvis Bay, making it relatively accessible from this major town. Walvis Bay provides a base for your production, offering accommodations, equipment rental, and additional support services. This proximity allows you to combine the convenience of a well-equipped town with the raw beauty and tranquility of Sandwich Harbour.

Untamed Wilderness

Sandwich Harbour is a place of untouched wilderness, where the rugged dunes meet the endless ocean. This pristine environment offers a captivating backdrop for your storytelling, immersing your audience in the raw beauty of nature. The vastness and serenity of Sandwich Harbour create a unique atmosphere that can enhance the emotional impact of your production.

Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Sandwich Harbour, where the meeting of ocean and desert dunes creates a visual spectacle like no other. Plan for experienced drivers, enjoy the support of local caterers, and embrace the untamed wilderness that this location offers. Whether you're shooting a feature film, a documentary, or a commercial project, Sandwich Harbour provides an extraordinary setting that will captivate viewers and elevate your storytelling.

Please note that filming in this remote location requires proper planning, permits, and adherence to environmental guidelines to ensure the preservation of this pristine natural environment.

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