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Funding Criteria

General Eligibility

Activity within Namibia

The proposed project or activity must contribute significant benefits to the Namibian film and television industry. Projects developed by Namibians or involving significant roles for Namibians will receive preference. All funded activities, including industry and audience development activities, must take place within Namibia and enable participation by Namibian audiences.


NFC's Priorities

The NFC gives priority to project funding in the areas of feature films, drama, documentary, and animation. Projects can be series or one-off programs but must be designed for theatrical release, television transmission or on streaming platforms.

Preference for Namibian Involvement

Preference will be given to projects that involve Namibian writers, directors, and/or producers.


Established and Emerging Filmmakers

The NFC encourages the work of established and emerging filmmakers who are committed to a serious career in the film and television industry. Applicants are expected to be Namibian residents primarily working in the drama, animation, and documentary production sector. Funding programs cater to experienced or emerging practitioners, with a minimum requirement of two screen credits to qualify as an experienced filmmaker.


Full-time practitioners employed by television networks or training institutions are not eligible to apply.

Activities Not Funded

Direct funding through NFC will not be considered for the following reasons:

  • Purchase of equipment or capital works.
  • Productions primarily intended for corporate, educational, training, or promotional purposes.
  • Productions for non-commercial outlets.
  • Television programming other than drama or documentary, such as commercials.
  • Infotainment programs like quiz shows or informative programs (e.g., animal documentaries).
  • Current affairs and light entertainment programs like game shows, reality programs, or talk shows. Broadcasters are typically responsible for funding such programs as they attract substantial audiences.
  • Publication costs of film journals, books, or magazines.
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