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The Namibia Film Commission (NFC) is a statutory body established by Act No. 06 of Parliament in 2000 under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Namibia. The NFC has a mission, values, and goals that guide its activities and initiatives. Here's an overview:


The mission of the Namibia Film Commission is to support, encourage, and promote the development of the film industry in Namibia. The NFC aims to create an enabling environment for the growth and sustainability of the film sector while contributing to economic development, cultural expression, and the overall advancement of Namibia's creative industries.


The Namibia Film Commission operates based on a set of values that reflect its commitment to professionalism, collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, and cultural preservation. These values influence the NFC's actions and interactions with stakeholders and the broader film community.


Namibia Film Commission works towards its mission of supporting, encouraging, and promoting film development in Namibia while contributing to the country's socio-economic growth, cultural expression, and creative industries.

Film Development

The NFC aims to foster the development of the film industry in Namibia by providing support and resources to local filmmakers, production companies, and industry professionals. This involves facilitating the production of high-quality films, documentaries, and other audiovisual content that showcases Namibia's unique cultural heritage, landscapes, and stories.

Economic Growth

The NFC recognizes the film industry's potential to contribute to Namibia's economic growth. It seeks to attract local and international film productions, which can generate employment opportunities, stimulate tourism, and create a positive economic impact through spending on local goods and services.

Training and Capacity Building

The NFC is committed to enhancing the skills and expertise of Namibian filmmakers. It aims to provide training programs, workshops, and initiatives that empower local talent, improve technical capabilities, and foster the professional development of individuals working in various aspects of film production.

Promotion and Marketing

The NFC plays a vital role in promoting Namibia as a desirable filming location, both domestically and internationally. It collaborates with other organizations, attends industry events, and conducts marketing campaigns to raise awareness about Namibia's film-friendly environment, diverse landscapes, and unique cultural heritage.

Partnerships and Collaboration

The NFC actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with local and international organizations, governments, and industry stakeholders to strengthen the film ecosystem in Namibia. By fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange, the NFC aims to create synergies, leverage resources, and enhance the overall development of the film industry.

Cultural Preservation

The NFC recognizes the importance of preserving Namibia's cultural heritage and traditional storytelling practices. It strives to support and promote the creation of films and audiovisual content that celebrate Namibian culture, languages, and traditions while fostering cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Film Funding

This highlights the NFC's efforts to provide financial support to filmmakers and ensure the realization of film projects. It showcases their commitment to nurturing local talent and facilitating the production, distribution, and exhibition of Namibian films.

Locations and Facilities

The NFC's assistance in identifying suitable filming locations and developing film infrastructure underscores their role in attracting both local and international productions. It emphasizes the NFC's aim to promote Namibia as an ideal filming destination with its diverse landscapes.

Co-Productions and International Collaboration

This aspect highlights the NFC's emphasis on fostering international partnerships and collaborations. It demonstrates their efforts to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges, encourage investment in the local industry, and promote the growth and exposure of Namibian filmmakers on a global scale.

Film Regulations and Incentives

The NFC's involvement in policy development and administration of incentives showcases their commitment to creating an enabling regulatory environment. This information highlights their efforts to attract foreign productions, stimulate local film activities, and encourage economic growth in the film sector.

Film Festivals and Events

The NFC's support for film festivals and events reflects their commitment to promoting local talent and providing platforms for filmmakers to showcase their work. It emphasizes their role in fostering industry networking, knowledge sharing, and audience engagement.

Film Archives and Preservation

This aspect underscores the NFC's recognition of the importance of preserving Namibian films and documentaries. It showcases their commitment to cultural heritage and ensuring the availability and accessibility of Namibian films for future generations.

Film Education and Awareness

The NFC's contribution to film education initiatives highlights their efforts to nurture talent, provide training opportunities, and raise awareness about the film industry's cultural and economic value. It emphasizes their commitment to building a sustainable and skilled workforce in the Namibian film sector.

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