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Summer Daytime: 12 hours
Winter Daytime: 8 hours

In 1908 when a railroad worker picked up a diamond, the German settler realized the area was rich in diamonds. The German government declared a large area as a restrictive location in order to exploit the diamond field. Due to the enormous wealth the diamond miners received, the residents  built  a village in the architectural style of a German town, complete with a hospital, school, ballroom, skittle-alley and even a casino. The town started to decline after World War I when the diamonds started to deplete, and by the 1930’s it was in full decline. Today this once rich town is taken over by the ruthless Namib Desert.

Here are some filming possibilities at Kolmanskop:

Deserted Architecture

The decaying buildings of Kolmanskop provide a hauntingly beautiful backdrop for your production. The structures, half-buried in sand, tell the story of a forgotten era and offer an atmosphere of abandonment and mystery. Capture the dilapidated interiors, crumbling walls, and sun-drenched rooms to create a sense of desolation and the passage of time.

Desert Sands

The surrounding desert landscape, with its vast stretches of sand dunes, adds to the otherworldly charm of Kolmanskop. Utilize the sweeping dunes and the interplay of light and shadow to create visually striking shots. The contrast between the crumbling buildings and the golden sand provides a captivating visual juxtaposition.

Natural Elements

Incorporate the natural elements of the Namib Desert into your filming. The harsh desert winds, blowing sands, and the subtle play of light create an ethereal atmosphere that adds depth and texture to your footage.

Historical Significance

Kolmanskop's rich history as a diamond mining town offers an opportunity to explore the human aspect of the location. Consider capturing the remnants of the town's past, such as mining equipment, artifacts, and traces of the diamond industry, to add historical context and storytelling elements to your production.

Contrast & Symbolism

The juxtaposition of the abandoned buildings against the vastness of the desert can evoke a sense of isolation, dreams lost, and the transient nature of human existence. Use this contrast to symbolize themes such as the passage of time, forgotten ambitions, or the cycle of life.

Creative Lighting

Take advantage of the unique lighting conditions in the desert to create dramatic visuals. The warm glow of the sun during golden hour, the stark shadows cast by the buildings, and the interplay of light and darkness can enhance the mood and atmosphere of your scenes.

Exploration of Themes

Kolmanskop's ghost town setting offers an opportunity to explore various themes, such as nostalgia, the impermanence of human endeavors, or the resilience of nature. Let the location inspire your storytelling and bring out the emotional depth of your characters and narratives.

When planning your shoot at Kolmanskop, it is important to note that the site is a protected heritage area, and certain guidelines and permits may be required for filming. Respecting the historical and environmental significance of the location is essential to preserve its integrity for future generations.

Capture the essence of a forgotten era and the raw beauty of the Namib Desert by utilizing the unique filming possibilities offered by Kolmanskop. This extraordinary location will lend a sense of history, mystery, and visual allure to your production, creating an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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