NFC Funding Criteria

General Eligibility

Activity within Namibia

The proposed project or activity must provide significant benefit to the Namibian film and television industry. Preference will be given to projects that have been developed  by, or involve a significant role for, Namibians. Other funded activities, including  industry and audience development activities must occur within Namibia and enable participation by Namibian audiences.


The NFC’s priorities for project funding are in the areas of: feature films, drama, and documentary and animation. Projects can be either series or one-off programmes but must be designed for theatrical release or television transmission.

In all cases, preference will be given to projects involving Namibian writers, directors and/or producers.


The NFC encourages the work of established and emerging Filmmakers who have embarked on a serious career in the film and television industry. They are expected to be Namibian residents working or aiming to work predominantly in the drama, animation and documentary production sector of the industry. Each Funding Programme is aimed at either experienced or emerging practitioners – two screen credits is the minimum requirements to qualify as an experienced filmmaker.

Practitioners employed on a full-time basis by television networks or training institutions are not eligible to apply.

Activities Not Funded

Direct funding through NFC will not be considered for the following reasons:

  • Purchase of equipment or capital works
  • Productions primarily intended for corporate, educational, training or promotional purposes
  • Productions for non-commercial outlets
  • Television programming (other than drama or documentary) such as commercials
  • Infotainment (e.g. quiz shows or informative programmes such as animal documentaries)
  • Current affairs and light entertainment (such as game shows, reality programmes or talk shows)
  • The assumption is that Broadcasters would fund these programmes as they draw substantial audiences
  • Publications costs of film journals, books or magazines

How To Apply:

The responsibilities of the Applicants are to complete and attach the following;

  • A completed application form

  • Production and/or development budget

  • Production and development schedule

  • Company profile and registration

In addition, applicants may be required to submit the following information:

  • Synopsis-outline – pitching document-treatment-script

  • Intended audience

  • Directorial approach

  • Cash-flow breakdown for each stage of production

  • Written confirmation of key peoples’ willingness to participate in filming

  • Written expressions of interest or commitment from broadcaster/distributor or other source of finance or evidence of attempts to secure this support

  • Examples of directors’ previous works

  • Key cast (for TV drama/feature film projects)

  • Proposed or anticipated marketing and distribution plans

  • Producer’s statement on rational of project and expected professional benefits to the team.

Proof of Namibian residency may be required in certain circumstances.