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The Spitzkoppe is  a place of cultural and spiritual significance to the San Bushmen, and therefore considered as a magical and spiritual place.

You can feel this immediately when you approach the large inselberg and granite peaks of Spitzkoppe. Spitzkoppe was formed 130 million years ago when the African continent separated from the South American content. During sunrise and sunset these granite mountains reflect deep red and orange colours which makes it  unique and picturesque.

5 Facts about Spitzkoppe

  • The closest major town with private hospitals, suppliers, etc. is Swakopmund which is a 2-hour drive from this location.
  • Spitzkoppe has limited accommodation available, but camping facilities are available.
  • The best times for filming are during sunrise, and before and during sunset, when the granite peaks of Spitzkoppe turn into contrasting colours of red and orange.
  • Spitzkoppe  is  in a concession area, therefore permission from the concession manager will be required for filming.
  • Spitzkoppe is located a 2.5-hour drive from Walvis Bay International Airport, and the travel terrain comprise of gravel roads.