The famous red sand dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert are often referred to as the highest dunes in the world but irrespective if this is true, Sossusvlei is one of the most spectacular sights in Namibia.

5 Facts about Sossusvlei

  • Sossusvlei is a 5hour drive on gravel road from both of Namibia’s international airports.
  • Sossusvlei is in a national park, and therefore under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
  • No off-road driving is allowed inside the park, and no helicopters or aircraft are allowed to land inside the park.
  • Sossusvlei is not located close to any amenities such as shops, suppliers or private hospitals, but it does provide several luxury lodges.
  • No outside animals (such as trained animals and wranglers) are allowed inside the national park.