Kunene Region


The Kunene region speaks solitude and completely remote wilderness. 

The Kunene River cuts across the sparse dry environment creating an oasis-like environment which is in contrast with the harsh sparseness of the Namib Desert. The strip of lush vegetation created by the Kunene River attracts nomadic wildlife from afar. Here you can experience Africa in its untouched splendour.

5 Facts about Kunene

  • As these are rural areas which fall under concessions or tribal villages, you will be required to gain filming permission from the tribal chiefs or concession holders.
  • It is recommended to have a translator travel with you , as the majority of people in this area only speak their indigenous  language.
  • The Kunene is home one of  the last authentic tribes in the world, namely the Himba. They are still very strict about their traditional ways and often dressed in their traditional  clothes.
  • Certain parts of the Kunene are in a national park, and therefore fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment. This is a very rural area, therefore ensure that your team and  vehicles are fully equipped and prepared for recoveries.
  • If you want to film indigenous communities  in Namibia, such as  the Himba and San Bushmen, you will require written permission from the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia, who looks after the rights of these groups  and their people