Filming Regulations

All commercial filming projects in Namibia are regulated. Companies are required by Namibian law to apply for a filming permit as well as a temporary work visa. This also includes documentaries and still shoots.

Filming of Minority Groups

When filming or taking professional photographs of the minority groups in Namibia, specifically referring to the San or Himba tribes:

Kindly contact the Legal Assistance Centre (Mr. Willem Odendaal) on Tel: + 264 61 2233 56 / +264 81 2880877 or email: for guidance.

Filming in National Parks and Protected Areas

All filming and professional photo shoots in National Parks require permission from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). 

Complete form below.

Other Applications

Namibia also has a collection of National Heritage and Historic Sites that require permits to enter. These areas are not self-drive and require the accompaniment of a local guide. These permits cannot be pre-applied for or obtained electronically.

For all aviation related matters, i.e. drone usage and certification the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority  (NCAA)  must be contacted .