Film And Video Fund

The Film and Video Fund aims to establish a film industry in Namibia; to financially assist Namibia film producers; and to develop, produce and distribute Namibian film, video and television production projects.


The intention of the Namibian Film Commission’s funding and support schemes are to:

  • Increase the quantity and quality of film, television, animation and new media product produced in and by Namibians for Namibia and global audiences.
  • Create a sustainable industry within a global framework
  • Professionalise the industry
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Develop a national identity through film, television and new media
  • Expand export opportunities.

The overall purpose of the funding package

  • Funding of Project Development such as script and documentary development
  • Provide support to practitioners for skills development offered in association with accredited education providers
  • Development of companies to ensure sustainability through supporting a slate of projects
  • Support the development of a screen culture through audience development programmes
  • Investment in production of features and telemovies as well as dramas and soaps
  • Support animation and short films
  • Provide funding for time-critical material
  • Encourage the marketing and distribution of product and filmmakers’ attendance at markets and festivals.