Knowledge of the local environment, contacts to local people and understanding of the prevailing conditions form an essential part of a successful production in Namibia. These are compelling reasons to use a reputable production service provider. Although it is possible to bring international crew to Namibia (your Namibian service facilitator will help with legalities and visas) the use of Namibian crew is a requirement unless there is skills deficit. Many local film crews have international experience and have worked locally on a wide variety of productions. The advantage of using professional local crews that have knowledge of the local environment, culture, resources and conditions is priceless and adds savings to the visiting producer’s budget.

Training Program


The Namibia Film Commission encourages all productions coming to Namibia to take on and build the capacity of as many local trainees as possible (without hindering the production) in various departments. 

Your Namibian service provider will assist with sourcing equipment locally such as Arri cameras, Fischer dollies, Arri lights, 4×4 tracking vehicles, wind machines, generators, etc. All unit support equipment is readily obtainable through local suppliers. This helps to decrease transport and rental costs. Should you choose to bring in your own equipment from abroad, this can be done on an ATA carnet and cleared by a local agent.

Specialized Film Services

There are Namibian animal trainers and wranglers available, who can provide your set with stunning trained domestic and wild animals such as horses, goats, camels, monkeys, zebras, lions, cheetahs, etc. Namibia has well-known local experts to undertake environmental impact assessments and rehabilitation of film locations to ensure that your production does not leave a harmful environmental footprint in Namibia. On-site accommodation, i.e. luxury tented camps, can be arranged even in the most remote areas of the country, including location catering!

The rental of small aircraft, ultra-light planes and helicopters for aerial scouts, photography and filming are available in many parts of Namibia. Your local service provider will assist you in finding the perfect locations and undertakes all the logistical and administrative arrangements (permits, visas, etc.) for you!